Sabbot Headwear


      Established in 2015, Sabbot Headwear was set up to offer high-quality, stylish and 100% cruelty-free headwear to the British market. The Sabbot team believe that real fur has absolutely no place in fashion. Sabbot Headwear features only genuine faux fur pom- poms on their hats.  You will never see real fur on a Sabbot hat, because they know that fur belongs solely to the animals that grow it. Well said Sabbot!!

      All Sabbot hats are produced in Czechia and so meet the highly regulated standards set by the European Union. Styles and colours change each year and key pieces are added to suit changing fashion trends.  So, if you're looking for a winter hat which is functional, flattering and on trend, have a browse through our selection of Sabbot hats offered here at Secret Boutique.