Organic Kids Clothes

Many people are now looking a lot more closely at the clothes that they buy. What are they made from? Where are they made? How are they made? For the conscious minded of you, this means buying organic clothing. Why should I buy organic kids…

Derhy Kids Size Guide Chart

Please take a look at the Derhy Kids clothing size guide chart to help you decide which size to buy when purchasing Derhy Kids clothes for your little ones.   Derhy Kids clothing is an incredible mix of French fashion clothing for kids. Browse through our wonderful collection today.

Desigual Kids Clothing Size Guide Chart

Please see below the Desigual Kids Clothing Size Guide Chart to help you buy the right sized piece of Desigual Kids clothing for your child the first time round.

Sun Protection for your baby

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Everyone loves the sun, children included but if they are going to go out and have fun in it then it is important that you protect their delicate skin or they may get sunburnt.  …

When does baby need their first walking shoes?

When your baby is between 10-16 months, they will likely to have been crawling for a while and as they learn to walk it is best to let them do it barefoot around the house. Going barefoot and being able to feel the floor properly…